Warming Not Manmade.

Politicians all over the world want to save us from global warming by banning coal-fired power plants, imposing carbon taxes, setting impossible fuel efficiency targets for cars, and offering huge subsidies for wind mills and solar panels.

Few if any of them have ever bothered to question whether the global warming they are so scared of is caused by mankind’s use of oil and coal or is simply a natural variation in the Earth’s climate. Instead they rely on Al Gore’s movie and what the press tells them of reports from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

We all know how much to trust the U.N. And most of us know how much to trust Algore.

Some say the Earth is always either warming or cooling and nothing can be done about it. Then there are those who cite data from ice cores that show temperature rise precedes rather than follows growth in carbon dioxide levels.

I’ve said before that warming and cooling of the planet is cyclical. But that second sentence is indeed scary. What if we do adopt new rules and reduce the carbon footprint, only to find out that we had it backward? That creates another Ice Age like we just came out of, only worse because of removing more C02. Take another look at this chart.

Cyclical? Look at the COLD part in comparison to the warm part. See a pattern there? The COLD TRENCHES ARE GETTING DEEPER! We are being led down a dangerous path so some with big egos, and very little real concern, can control something and make a little more cash. It’s time to take a stand. You make the decision, where do you stand?


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