If you live in the real Northern California there is one constant problem. The majority of people think it starts just above Los Angeles. They are so wrong.

The real “Northern California” starts in Red Bluff and continues north through Yreka to the Oregon border. We, that live in this area, think way different than the city folk down south. We don’t need Sacramento, San Fransisco, San Jose, Santa Barbara, or San Diego to tell us how to think. Much less L.A. We have a big problem up here just being heard above all the liberal B S that the big cities, with the big populations, put upon us. We have farms, ranches, forests, wild animals and yes, we love guns. Something city folk cannot understand. And if they do, they can’t make laws that have our best interests in mind.

Now despite the fact that Oregonians hate us Californians, we can include them in this too, as not all are from Moonbat Central. You see, unlike California, it’s the northern part of Oregon that’s infected with liberals, not the southern part like California. We have something to work on here.

Jefferson-First Draft

Since I live in Shasta County, just south of Siskiyou County, of course I want to be included also. So a compromise is in order. Since we are like-minded people we can expand on this small area, and we need more area for a stronger state. It probably goes a little more south than I would like, and maybe a little to far into Oregon, but in the interest of getting our own state, it’s not too bad. Here’s what we have now.

The Current State of Jefferson.

Okay! Now that we have eliminated southern California and northern Oregon we can get on with the lives we were meant to live.

Here’s The Rest of The Story.

We don’t need Big City people telling us how to live! We are not like the Hollyweirdos in SoCal or the Tree Huggers from the Pacific Northwest. We need our own state, and I think this would be it.

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